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Previous topics presented by both local and nationally known speakers have included:

  • Discovering the Purple Emperor by Matthew Oates
  • Chalk Streams, Eels and Citizen Science by Mia Ridler
  • The Return of the Peregrine by Keith Betton
  • Britain's Ground Beetles: Diversity, Ecology and Change by Dr Chris Foster
  • Tigers and Teasias: The Fascinating Wildlife of Northern India by Andrew Cleave
  • Beavers in London - Restoring a Native Species by Rob Needham
  • Jewels on the Wing: The Secret Life of the Dragonfly by Nick Percival
  • Ancient Trees and All That Rot by Dr Helen Read
  • The Cuckoo and the Nightjar by Brian Clews
  • The Importance of Seeds by Laura Jennings and Jamie Preston
  • Heathlands Underground by Dr Martin Bidartondo
  • Gales, Greenhouses and Global Warming by Ian Currie
  • The Restoration of Farnham Heath by Mike Coates
  • The Life of the Badger by John Fennell
  • A Life on the Wing by Barbara Polonara
  • The plight of the Orangutan by Tony Buckle and Lesley Bradbrook
  • Life on a biodynamic Country Estate by Niki McCann
  • St Kilda and the Hebrides - cruising to the edge of the World by Sara Frost
  • 'Birds of Prey in Flight' (outside event) with Berkshire Birds of Prey
  • Bracknell Biodiversity Plan and 'Help a Hog' project by Marlies Boydell
  • Bees and Neonicotinoids' by Dr Ben Woodcock
  • Farming for Wildlife by Des Sussex
  • Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust' by Colin Wilson
  • The Miracle of Bird Migration Explained! by Mark Pearson
  • The Wildlife and Geology of Iceland and Norway by David Phillips
  • The Ancient Woods of Bisham by Frances Halstead
  • Britain's Hidden Depths - Corals and Sponges by Josh Davison
  • Magnificent Nepal by Chris Chadwell
  • Birds in Winter by Brian Clews
  • How to be an Urban Birder by David Lindo
  • On the Trail of Polecats and Pine Martens by Lizzie Croose
  • Saving the Hazel Dormouse by Ian White
  • Urban Ecology by Professor Mark Fellowes
  • The Return of Large Carnivores by Dr Adriana Consorte-McCrea
  • The Life of a Glow-Worm by John Tyler
  • The Wildlife of Baja California by Lee Morgan
  • The Water Vole Recovery Project by Julia Lofthouse
  • Conservation in Conversation with the Hawk Conservancy
  • British Bats by David Endacott, including live bats
  • Sarracenias and Pitcher Plants by James Rosindell
  • Unravelling the story of an Alien Invader by Prof. Helen Roy
  • The Secret Life of British Moths by Jan Hasler
  • Wonders Old Threats and New Dangers in the Deep Oceans by Prof Alex Rogers
  • Pollination Power by Heather Angel
  • Recording Environmental Change by Dr David Roy
  • In Search of the Jaguar in the Brazilian Pantanal by John Richardson
  • Adventures in Wildlife Film Making by Dr George McGavin
  • Songbirds by Ray Reedman of the Reading Ornithological Club
  • British Spiders by Martin Woolner
  • A Fossil Forum by Dr Chris Duffin
  • Reptiles by Philip Merrin
  • Chobham Common by Stephen Fry of the Surrey Wildlife Trust
  • The geology of global warming by Professor Peter Worsley
  • Wildlife in the Tropics by a speaker from The Living Rainforest
  • Roadside Verges by Marlies Boydell, Bracknell Forest Biodiversity Officer
  • Wildlife of East Africa by Tom Way
  • The Hunter and the Hunted by Brian Clews
  • River Pollution by Tim Johns of The Environment Agency
  • Why do we plant trees? by Michael Ullman of The Forestry Commission
  • Two short films: 'British Trees and Woodlands' and 'Coast and Estuary'
  • Local Orchids by David Rowe
  • Adventures in Morocco by Colin Wilson
  • Alpine Flora of Bulgaria by Michael Keith-Lucas
  • On the Wild Side by Jayne Morgan of The Happy Hedgehog Rescue
  • Ancient Trees by Martin Woolner
  • Fungi by Gordon Crutchfield of Thames Valley Fungus Group
  • Updating the Berkshire Bird Atlas by Brian Clews
  • A Journey through Botswana and Namibia by Diane Collins
  • Flowers of the Coast by Andrew Cleave
  • More than Honey - a film presented by Friends of the Earth
  • Wildlife Photography on a Budget by Brian Pettit
  • Volcanoes by Dr Chiara Petrone
  • Whales and Dolphins by Bernard Purrier
  • Birds of Prey at South Hill Park with GMG Falconry
  • Chasing Birds in Berkshire by Fraser Cottington
  • Ethiopia by Chris Lovell
  • Bio-Control of Alien Plants by Djami Djeddour
  • Dragonflies by Des Sussex
  • Community Woodlands by Colin Griffin & Andrea Berardi
  • Butterflies of Mid-Berkshire by Jan Haseler
  • Plants and Climate Change by Michael Keith-Lucas
  • Edible Dormice by Pat Morris
  • Reptiles and Amphibians of the UK by Rob Free
  • Bat Evening at South Hill Park with John Wenman
  • South Africa by Dr Michael Keith Lucas
  • Raven Haven by Steve Burns
  • Forest Ecology by Kate Dent
  • Between the Tides by Andrew Cleave
  • Grass and Grasslands, the effect of climate change by Sarah Pierce
  • Otters by Daniel Allen
  • Say it with Poison by Russell Bowes
  • Journey to Antarctica by Carol White
  • Plants of Hawaii by Gill Cheetham
  • Biological Control of Alien Plants by Rob Tanner
  • A Walk on the Wildside by Brian Clews
  • The Ecology of Landscapes by Simon Leather
  • Ponds and Rivers by Des Sussex
  • Tree Aid by Helen Read
  • Owls with Chrissie Harper
  • Corsica, Mountains in the Med by Mike Read
  • Effects of Traffic Pollution on Air and Wildlife by Mark Lee and Nathan Callaghan of OPAL
  • Fungi and related folklore by Dave Shorten
  • The Natural History of Mistletoe, Holly and Ivy by Martin Woolner
  • Thames Valley Heaths and their importance for wildlife by Des Sussex
  • Lundy by David Rowe
  • Natural Quarries by David Boag
  • The Galapagos Islands by John Britten
  • British Spiders by Laurence Bee
  • Wildlife in your Garden by Marlies Fell
  • An Introduction to Entomology by Jon Coles
  • The Wild Flowers of Bracknell by David Rowe
  • The Wildlife of Poland by Marek Borkowski
  • Our Local Birds by Brian Clews
  • Natural History of Oaks by Martin Woolner
  • Bracknell Forest's Parks by Marie Anne Phillips
  • New Zealand's Birds by John Eyre
  • The Grand Canyon by Gill Cheetham
  • Bird Navigation by Chris Rodgers
  • Sweet Chestnuts by Chris Howkins
  • Britain's Rarest Wildflowers by Brian Laney
  • The Science of Global Warming by Michael Keith-Lucas
  • Hedgehogs by Pat Morris
  • Botany of North-West America by Peter Brandham
  • Ponies and People of the New Forest by Sue Bowser
  • Humpback Whales of Hawaii by Sue Rees
  • Woods and Trees by Charles Hill
  • Owls by Chissie Harper
  • Plants in Pathology by Michael Keith-Lucas
  • The Wetland Barn Elms by Alistair Mackay
  • Birds and Pits by Trevor Gunton
  • The Monarchs of Mexico by Roger Kemp
  • Uplands of Britain by John Wyatt
  • A duel with Ditchwater by Owen Mountford

We would be very interested to hear your suggestions for future topics.


A sleeping hazel dormouse
A sleeping hazel dormouse
Nightingale Triangle team
A social occasion for the hardworking Friends of Nightingale Triangle
hedgehog at the British Wildlife Centre
An overgown hedgehog at the British Wildlife Centre
Gill and David Lindo
Our Chairman Gill Cheetham with Urban Birder David Lindo
Otters at BWC
An otter family exploring the river bank at the British Wildlife Centre
Do you know your polecats from your pine martens?
Chris Chadwell in magnificent Nepal
Pine trees at Caesar's Camp
Pine trees at Caesar's Camp
Pyramidal Orchids in Bracknell Town Centre
Pyramidal Orchids in Bracknell Town Centre, photographed by David Rowe of BDUWG
Clintons Hill
Information Board at Clinton's Hill